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Foster Information

Fosters are an integral part of our organization.  The more fosters we have, the more dachshunds we can save.  Fosters give our dogs a home environment to live in either while they recover from medical procedures or while they are waiting to find their forever homes.

We need both short and long term fosters.  Short term fosters are for dogs that are ready to be adopted and will need to be transported to and from adoption events on Saturdays.  Adoption events are typically held between 11:00 am and 3:00 pm, but may differ when we do special events (some times arrangements can be made for pickup).  Long term fosters are for dogs that are either extremely overweight and need to get to a healthy weight, or for dogs that are recovering from extensive medical procedures.


Q: Do I Need To Provide The Food For My Foster Dog?
A: We would prefer that you do to offset our costs, but food can be provided if necessary. Please don’t let the additional cost of dog food prevent you from volunteering to foster.

Q: How Long Will I Have My Foster Dog?

A: It depends. Sometimes as little as a few days but other times it could be several weeks. If you are going out of town, please let the foster coordinator know so other arrangements can be made.

Q: How Do I Become A Foster?
A: Either fill out the online foster form and we will contact you, or come to one of our adoption events and talk to one of our volunteers.

Q: What Is Provided With My Foster Dog?
A: We will provide a collar, harness and leash. We will also provide a crate for transportation, if requested.

Q: I Have Other Dogs. Will My Foster Dog Be Up To Date On Vaccinations?
A: All of our dogs are up to date on Rabies, DHPP, Bordetella, and are heartworm negative. If a dog tests positive for heartworm, we will need to put them with a long term foster for treatment and recovery. We cover all costs for medical care.