Happy Tails Dachshund Rescue: 

(209) 647-1251

​​Available for Adoption​

New adoption process:

1. Complete our online application.

2. An intake volunteer will call you to do a screening interview.

3. References will be contacted including vet information for any dogs currently in the home

4. A home visit will be scheduled

5. Meet & greets may occur at an adoption event or at a pre-arranged off site location

6. Dogs may not leave with new family from adoption/ meet & greet event without all the pre-requisite steps being  finalized in advance. 

7. A volunteer will contact you after a week or two to check on assimilation of dog into new home and family.


Thank you for choosing Happy Tails Dachshund Rescue (HTDR)! When you adopt from HTDR you can be assured that all dogs are seen by a veterinarian for a wellness check-up and receive the following care prior to adoption:

  • Up-to-date on all shots
  • Spayed or neutered
  • Microchipped
  • De-wormed
  • Dental cleaning (where necessary)
  • Heartworm negative

Approximately one week after adoption, you will receive a follow-up call from us to ensure the adoptive parent and furry child are doing well together.

Adoption applications will be kept for 3 months and then deleted. If you still want to adopt after that time, please re-submit your application. This way we are sure to have the most up-to-date information about you. Also, if you have adopted and are no longer looking to adopt, we won’t keep your information.

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Q: I've Adopted From You Before. Do I Need To Fill Out Another Consultation Form?
A: As long as all of the information on the original consultation form is current, no, you do not have to fill out another consultation form.

Q: How Does Happy Tails Dachshund Rescue Determine Adoption Fees?
A: Adoption fees are based on age, coat pattern (dapple, pie bald, brindle, cream, etc.), and coat type (smooth, long, or wire). For doxie blends, fees are based on age only.

Q: I Want To Breed My Dog. Do You Spay And Neuter All Dogs?
A: Yes. It is our policy to spay or neuter all of our dogs to prevent unwanted pregnancies, reduce the number of dogs that end up in shelters, and for the overall health of the dog.

Q: Will The Dog I Adopt Be Up To Date On Shots?
A: Yes. We provide Rabies, DHPP, and Bordetella shots for all of our dogs. All of our dogs are also heartworm negative.

Q: Why Are The Adoption Fees So High?
A: We believe our adoption fees are very reasonable. If you were to use a low cost spay/neuter clinic, the cost to vet your dog, (e.g. all shots, spay/neuter, dental, heartworm test, microchip and pre-surgery blood work), can cost from $360 to $620. To go to your personal veterinarian, you will pay much more. None of our adoption fees fall into that cost range. We are a non-profit, and as such, we are not legally allowed to make a profit.

Q: What Do You Do With The Adoption Fees That You Collect?
A: We reinvest our adoption fees into the next dog that we rescue.

Q: If The Adoption Fees Don't Cover Your Costs, How Do You Rescue More Dogs?
A: We rely heavily on donations, auctions, and other fund raising activities. Without public support, we could not continue to rescue dogs in need.

Q: Are You Always At Petsmart On Saturdays?
A: No, not every weekend usually two Saturday's per month.  We are occasionally at other outdoor adoption events which you will find in the Upcoming Events section on our home page.

Q: I Want To Adopt A Dog, But I Work On Saturdays.

A: We could try and work out the details, you can email us at happytailsdr@yahoo.com and we will try to make accommodations. Please remember, we are a foster based rescue and our dogs are with our volunteers at different locations around the valley so we will not be able to accommodate everyone.

Q: I Turned In An Adoption Form But Nobody Has Contacted Me. Why?
A: We are a volunteer based rescue. Due to the large number of adoption/consultation forms we receive, we are unable to call everyone. You do not need to re-submit your form just because we haven’t called you. We most likely have your form. If you want to make sure that we have your form, you may email us at happytailsdr@yahoo.com.

Q: What Is The "Be My Buddy" Button For?
A: The “Be My Buddy” button is for anyone that is touched by particular dog and wants to donate to Happy Tails Dachshund Rescue (HTDR), to help pay for their medical care. Almost every dog that comes into HTDR needs all of their shots, spay/neuter, and a dental, as well as, a microchip. Our adoption fees do not cover the cost to provide all of these services to our dogs, so we rely on the support of the public to help us to continue to save the lives of these wonderful dogs.

Q: Can I Fill Out A Paper Version Of Your Consultation Form And Bring It With Me To An Adoption Event?
A: Yes. You can download a copy of our Consultation Form on the right side of this page, fill it out, and bring it with you to one of our events.

Q: I Have A Dog That I Cannot Keep. How Do I Give It To You?
A: Please call our toll free message line at 1-209-647-1251 or email us at happytailsdr@yahoo.com. We will need a current picture and all pertinent vet records when you email us or call us.